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Hebrew Roots/Eternal Word

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Relation of the Eternal Son to the Universe

Paradise is a material sphere as well as a spiritual abode. All of the intelligent creation of the Universal Father is domiciled on material abodes; hence must the absolute controlling center also be material, literal.

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And again it should be reiterated that spirit things and spiritual beings are real. The material beauty of Paradise consists in the magnificence of its physical perfection; the grandeur of the Isle of God is exhibited in the superb intellectual accomplishments and mind development of its inhabitants; the glory of the central Isle is shown forth in the infinite endowment of divine spirit personality — the light of life.

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But the depths of the spiritual beauty and the wonders of this magnificent ensemble are utterly beyond the comprehension of the finite mind of material creatures. The glory and spiritual splendor of the divine abode are impossible of mortal comprehension. And Paradise is from eternity; there are neither records nor traditions respecting the origin of this nuclear Isle of Light and Life.

The Divine Residence You are not able to comprehend much about the divine residence because of its remoteness from you and the immensity of the intervening space Nature of the Eternal Isle The eternal Isle is composed of a single form of materialization